Edmonton Truck Floor Repairs

One of our most recent projects was the repair of a wooden truck floor. One of the challenges that was faced by our customer was that his business is weather related and when the sun shines he works and when it rains the truck is idle.

Prior to doing the floor repair the truck worked steadily 7 days a week taking advantage of the weather. The customer finally got some down time due to poor weather and we set to work.

The truck floor that needed repair looked like a lot of delivery and utility trucks that are on the road. The floor was smashed all of the way through and the customer had put a piece of plywood over the hole to make sure that none of his materials and staff fell through the hole.

Truck Floor Repair

To complete the repair we assembled our team and the needed equipment in the Customers yard early in the morning and completed the repair in a single day. We are mobile so we can do repairs wherever the truck or equipment is parked.

We first removed the center broken sections of the wooden floor and then replaced them with new pieces of the proper wood, the full length of the truck box. We cut the floor boards to the right size right on site.


The new boards were cut to the right size and then screwed to the steel joists of the truck floor. The repairs were completed in a timely manner at the customers convenience.


Do you have a truck with a broken floor? Give us a call at 780-297-4484 and we will come and give you a quote on fixing your floor. We service Edmonton and the surrounding region.